SMR Facilities

We have plenty of different riding areas, pastures, paddocks and pens to suit your equine needs.
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Boarding Options
Indoor Arena – 8 stalls, feed room, locker tack room and grooming bay

Show Barn – metal barn with 6 stalls, hot water wash rack, feed room, 2 tack rooms, and a medicine room

The Red Barn – 5 stall wood barn with breezeway, double foaling stall, and 2 tack rooms

Large Stalls – Horse Stalls (approx 150’ x 25’) lined with rubber mats

enjoy your pick of riding arenas

Boarder Amenities
Viewing areas – the indoor arena has a heated viewing room and the outdoor arena has a seating area that is covered

Individual Storage Lockers – Every Boarder gets a 4 to 6ft storage locker with saddle racks to store their tack and equine essentials

Cross Ties & Bars– You can choose to cross tie or tie your horse

Jumps – We provide a variety of jumping standards and rails for boarder use

Barrels – Barrels are available for speed training and drilling


Four Arenas

Large Outdoor

Large Riding Arena (approx 300’ x 145’) with PA system and viewing areas

Medium Outdoor

Oval  Sand Training Arena (approx 150’ x 80’)

Round Pen

Large enough to ride and lunge your horse at the walk, trot and canter

Indoor Arena

Indoor training area (approx 150’ x 70’) with a heated viewing area

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